* Due to COVID-19, most of our leadership jobs have been cancelled for the time being.


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Border Valley School is proud to teach leadership skills. Staff and students work to follow the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and we focus on providing opportunities for our students to be leaders in the school

We have noticed improvements in motivation, academics, and school culture! Here are some of the ways we've been applying leadership at Border Valley:

- Reading a habit a day in all classrooms, and looking for examples of the habits at every opportunity throughout our studies

- Decor around the school

- Training for all staff in how to implement the principles in their own lives so that we can lead by example

- Leadership Roles: students apply for jobs such as Morning Announcements, Junior Secretaries, Composting, and many others. Students also come up with their own ideas!

- Leadership Day: we invite community members and business leaders to our school for a showcase of our student leaders


We thank the community and local businesses for helping us with our leadership initiative.